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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  July 15, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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welcome back to fox 45 earll eeition. 5::9 is the time..3 ready tt get their datesity and started. good morning, i'm patrice harris. wwattkind of weather will they have to deal with as they get %-meteorologiit steveefertig is hereeto let us in all of thee3 details. a little bit of fog and %--nd humid day but a hot take a look. the hd radaa. you see the showwes and that is going to alloowfor morr sun to build in as high ressure comes %-before showers in he idwest3 starting to head in our direction along a cold frontú ttaa will be moving in overnight
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on ffiday into saturday. -5 degrees starting out this mooning. warm tart in baltimore, the same for d.c., and 69 in hagerstown. we will get up too86 degrees and -etting to 33degrees between 2 and 5:00 tonight. we will stay about that hot aad feeling ike it's in the upper ú%s when you factor ii the humidityy 90 degrees nn not a backing up a holeelot by 6:00 p.m. -et'' see what is happening on the roadwaas with candace dold who s here to let us know about the traffic edge. >> reporter: steve, thhngs are looking good on mann of the3 here ittis at the beltway,,inner and outer loop laaes, cruiss along nd that continues to be thh case on 95 toward 83. we're in tte green, an 11-minute ride, 54 miles per hour. speed up to 795. nothing tt get in theeway frrm 795 toward 95, rrght now 11 minutes at 54 miles per houu3 ú%that's a look attthe morningú travels. patricc, ver to you.
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edition. affer a long investigation, city -olice arrrst a burglar who they the city. they're finddng it even harder to find aal of his victims. -jel d smith is live n northeast baltimoor where joel good morniig, joel. were stolen. >> reporter: good morring, patrice we're talking about a hundreds of items, everything even framed pictures. a lot of the stufffwas stolen frrm homes onnthis block, 1700 block of bethee street. they say it was a neighbor who livee close by. they have him in custody and ú%ey searched his only over the weekend and that is when they found all kinds of stuff. police had put the ittmm on display in hhoes of finding out -wo it belongs to. lapttp, prin printers and 200 ps -f jeweery and aa$3,,00 sound system. this is aal from urglaries on
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>> we're taking the property and backtrackkng of the weere going six months liikkng the property to burglaries throuuhout the city. didn't come to our house and roo >> reporter: the reaction of ú%e neighbors aroond here. they think they might even knnw this guy. if you reeognize any of tte ú%covery goods we have shown you orrinformation about recent burglaaies in nortteast baltimore yyo're asked to call. right nowwbased on the recovered %-evidence, they haae dentified five victims so far.3 pplice think there's many others -n this block and other parts of the city. go ahead and contact them if you have the information. joel d smith, fox 45 early edition. police invvstigate a shooting ii northeast baltimore. ii happened before midnnght on east 41st street near free frise
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street. a man was shot in the back. there's word on a sssppct orraú motive..3 flames reak out in northwest baltimore. firefighters were called around field crest road. they found heavy smoke on thh second floor of a duplex. everyone was able to make t ouú the cause the firr is still investigation. an inmate issbeaten at the shower at theejessup correctional institution. serving 40 yyars for murder had a head injury but was still able to walk to the medical area and was alert. he was sent to shock traama as a ú%ecaution. tto suspects are in custody..3 police in frederick make several arrests in a home invasion that left the homeowner shht. four people are now behhnd bars. nathaniel hoy, and along with thee were responsible for the home invasion.
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llg. he was taken to shock trauma but %-all four suspects face burglay investigators say this was not a random attack.3 a car crrshes into a building in harford county sending two people to the hospital. a man llst control and hit three paaked cars before going airborne and massing through the front of a building on route 1 in hickory. the driver is in table condition. a woman in one of the parked cars was also hurt buttsse will bee kay. aaybody cooll haveewalked ou3 of the door nd would have been %-and the wheels hit the roof ad that whaa locked im from coming to thh buildingg >> policc say alcohol may be to blame for the crash.., respond tooneighbors claimm thaú their calls over a crumbling rowhouss that collapsed this
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wwek were ignored. that'ssa story you saw first on fox. the house on west la fayette street ffll during monday neighbors say the building had been defodetierdettriorating fot even had a tree growing out of %-but the inspectoo said there s no innication the hhmm would >> some are oonnd bb private3 individuals and llcs anddthe like.ú the city has a tough time of managing ll of these ccomon problem n vaaant houses. that appearee to have ree limb3 growinn out of rooftops and windows nd neighbors worry the ú%ots ill errde their foundation. a suspect wanted for rape. anthony rrbinson, a registered3 sex offender was arrested jest
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morning in aberdeen. the rape offa 4 years old ooith sunday morniig. p>> a convicted rapist is sentenced to 24 years ii prison for killing aabaltimore woman. rony winkler was sentenced on tuesday for killing his nephew's girlfriend. he pled guiltyyto killing boone and leaavng her body in her car -n freeerick. he still faces rape charges for3 thee ape of another one and two rapes in 2000 sit. winkler served time in prison -fr raping a 33yeaas old girl the suupect was served with a court orrer oosupplyú inveetigators with a sample of3 his handwriting. samples wwth the threatening case. in a number of hearings leading p to the fall trial, prosecutorsshave told the court
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letters allegedly wriiten by th3 accused. innone of them rosecutors say he confesses to the murder. in hopes oo proving they were in fact written bit suspect, he was ordered to write out severaa words and phrases this morning underrthe supervision of prosecutoos and police, a tedious process that could -eveal proof that the government >> one of he based theories is alike. so ffr to date no defense attorney has ever disproved that. >> reporter: jerry richards is a handwriting expert who the fbi. >> ttey want to give enough samples in there where they ccn determine the varrationnwithin his handwriting, beeause nobody wrrtes exactty the sameetwice. thee are within a range of paaticularly if they see he is trying to distort or diskye dise his handwriting, they will make that many, maay
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>> reporter:: if the original writing waa with a ball point penn theyy ill ask the ssspect to produce the same wwiting. >> they will take the piece that allow a break in between so he cannot recall exactly how he had disguised it.3 mentally he might ry some ú%fferent techniques, from going from time to time and also just flat wears him down. after you have repeated that enough time, you get bbred nd write n the natural fashion. >> reporter: richard says people can disguise their natural handwriting and have done it successfully. in this case, he is unlikely because of the laage number off3 samples he was asked to reproduce. terrorist attack in ubegan dah
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surgery yesterray. ttey are hoping that he prayers will make aaddfference n emiiy's recovery. they were outssde of a restaurann when the bomb ú%plooed. ú%iiy's pprents areewith er at johannesburg. family members say she is alert -ut has a longgroad ahead tt recover from her wounds.3 %> sheeis going to have to havv extensive wounds throughout thh lowee extremities and upper extremities. -he is a tough woman and she is a fighter. ú% both of emily parents are in %-a fund has been pened to help ú%r the expecteddmedical and travel expenses. for details oo how you can help, loogon toú the baatiiore city school board wants superintendenn dr..andres alonzo to continue leading the school system for the foreeeeeble future. they are negotiating a contract3 %-year 2014.ake him through the he still has more than a year leftton his current contract and
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is already the longest serving superintendent innthe city in more than a decade. coverage oo this story..3 weewill talk wiih the host f wcbm morning show about how dr. aaonzo's salaries compaaes to ooher superinnendent cross the ssay. that is coming up ii our the mayor joiied first lady katie o'malley to recognize the emergency wwrkers yesterday. %-tte ravenwood nursing home whn %-temperatures inside of the3 bbilding to top 90 degrees. 150 people had to e evacuatedd when we arrrved the temperatures in he building was %-the patients in he building were very uncomfortable. a ot of these patients are sensitive to heat. they're not able to regulate theer temperature so when it there have been 13 heat related eaths across the state.
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so far this year. governor martin o'malley is challenging you to go local. today he is kick the buy local challenge innannapolis. your mission if you choose to accept it, eat aa least one tting from a local farm durinn the buy local week which is the last week f july. supporttnn local farmm is good for the envirooment, economy and your family's health. edition, eardley love, her ex-boyfriend accused of killing her. %-age.his issthe most thinggwith people should watch for ttat shows a elationship may be abusive. a pretty day on the bay with a lot of sunshine. it will bb hot examine humid as
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airborne. beautiful. and strong. there to ensure the most powerful transmitter is you. rule the air. reeion. any showers from last movvd off ú%ore and is now out of here. ú%t s high ppeesuue bd builds .
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the next chance of rain not into friday ight iito saturday. but untillthen enjoo the dry be hoo and hhuid.hough it will 76 degrees, so it won'ttfeel ittwwn'' be raiiing out there for the nnxt day and aahalf or two days. evers town. we will be feeling a lot warmmrú than the thermometer feels. the jet tream is going to be fuuther toward the north out of our way. the thunderstorms in the midwest %-it will not be affectinn us as it stays in that irectionn3 northeast. for us the high pressure to the %-as farras the heattand hhmidi, that will be climbing as weeget3 more of a southerly flow to take over. %-flow thissmorning. northerly we sse the frontallboundary ove in. thunderstorm chances move n as
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tomorrow evening ann a better ú-through by saturday ater in e day. bbhind it drier air will move in and that will make it feel beeter once we get to the beginning or middde of neet ú%ek. it will take a little bit f time to feel iiprovement. 89 degrees for the high, and a sunny skies for eastern hore. 93 ddgrees for he high and that and stay there during the warmess part of the day then. and mostly clear skies or the western part of maryland and even a lot more sunshhne there.3 93 degrees for the high, so it ú%ll warm foo the wessern part 83 degrees for the temperature at noon, and 93 oming earliee at 2:00 and staying there through thh afternoon into the %-73 degrees for the overnight low, a warm and humid night unddr partly cloudy skies. -ommrrow partly cloudy with a high of 94. -louds innrease late in the day and in comes tte chance of a3
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shower or thunderstorm deeending -uon the speee f the fronn we friday maybe into early unday as tte front pushes down. ú%herwise, it will bring us a pretty dry day, 92 for the high. and 93 on onday and 90 degrees aad thundersttrm chances on3 89 and partll cloudy for wednesday. thissweekend, only saturday a chance for thunderstorms at the bbach if you're headed thhreeinú it should be in the upper 80s all weekend long. we do wwnt to ceck on the roadways ight now with candace dold. she is here with a look the traffic edge. cannace, hhw arr e looking this morning. >> reporter: so far so good we aae clocking at decent3 speees..3 -4 on the jfx and 63 on the beltway. that's ight near pikesville. now as far as what ii looks like out on 95, let's show you a live look t cattn aveeue. shape and the norttbound lanes and down toward the beltway.
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95 a little bit farther dawn at %-you thaa aaea and favorablew conditions there. southhound lanes down toward howard county. -orthbound stretch up toward thú oo the bbltway we are incident free, checking in right t frederick rood for you. outer loop lane and innerrloop stretch. those cars conniiue to roll aaong and even ffrther up, there's really nothing to annoy weecan show you what that. travelinggatt osted speed in both direetions. that's a look at the morning travels. tris, back ovee tpatricee back . thank you be candace. still ahead if you're not a kid you're not getting an autograph. controversial new policy. %-this issue.3ts to talk about it's nottan easy issue to talk about,,but it'' neeesssry. >> relationships between teenagers thht 3
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%-now more than half of teens sy they have a friend who has been physically and r sexually megan gilliland shows us dating ú%ngees. reporter:!!dangers.
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>> this is the house. >> eporter: 7 dayssa week. p> he chased me downntte street. >> reporter: 24 hoors aaday, house of ruth are taking phone >> e at the ouse of ruth, weú deal with partnee violence. >> reporter: and phone lines are lighting up. >> the hot line gets thousaads of and thousands of cals every year. >> reporter: on the other end of the line. >> this is the most dangerous agee.3 >> reporter: teens in crisss.ú ww're sseing a lot of possessive behaviors, nd jealous and it does get extremely physicallat times. >> reportee: and sometimes deadly. >> moss reccntly we know oo the %-staa was found deaddin her off campus apartment at the university of virginia. yeardley love boyfriend george huguely shook her repeatedly and leaving her in a pool of flood blood zrks there's hundreds ofú
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there's hundreds of cases every year. >> reporter: nn 40% of the only aahalf of teens know the warning sgns offan !abusive relationship. >> a teen boyfriend was requiring her to send text pictures of where she was and eeery time it had to have aú clockkbehind herrto prove she was there at the time she said she wws. >> reporter: parents should look for warning signs from constant communication, isolation, emotional changes, making excuses for behaaior and intim aadition. intimidation. >> we see it and we see it quite often. >> reportee: they now have support groops for teens andeve. hell is easy to find. ú%e hard part actuullyycoming to >> nobody wants o talk about %- eporter: whether it''lk
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yyur relationship or thht of someone you love. >> tall to sommbody orrtalk to anybody. %-fox 455morning news. tte house of ruth hot line's phone number is 410889-ruth.3 foxx45 issa media sponsor of the house of ruth crabet beeefit. foo mmre iiformation loggon to ffxbaltimore.ccm/news links. coming up laaer on he fox 45 mmrninn news. money wasted on gift cards. learn how to sell the unwanted caars foo cash. next one of the newest raven players was on spn when i was seventeen i was not good to my skin. long summer days, and not enough sleep. what i wouldn't do for a do-over. [ female announcer ] new neutrogena® clinical skincare. exclusive ion2 complex combined with activating cream
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activia light, with bifidus regularis, helps regulate your digestive system in two weeks. mmmm. activia light is not light on taste! and with only 70 calories activia light helps make it easier to watch my weight. it helps me feel good and look good too! ♪ activia good morning, everybody. here is your firss look at sports. with the all-star game in the baseball ggts bacc in business tonight except for the orioles. they have a scheduled night off. they ggt back at it on monday night with a first offthree against toronto.ú were invooved in a first good traae yesterday..3 they sent lex gonsalez to the braves in exchangg for the ease coulescobar.
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while hey are hoping that pprformance hitting' a career best. if you're planning on headiig out to ravens training camp at westminnster. ú%ings have changed quite a bit. if you are an adult forget about %-on tuesday the ravens announnd only children will be permiited to get autooraphh. theyywill get a special wrist area that ill permit them into thh ravens are doing it for safety reasons and they know it'' not going to be a popularly deciiion. >> we suspect that it's going to be annunpopular decisiinn we can't please everybody. can we takk care of in the safest way.3 lee's do ittfor the kids. aatographs are more important
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than it s to adults in mostú >> the ravens have been bbsy lately igningg4 veteran ffee3 agents and one of them was at espn and veteran safety cam hamill found it great to be joining one of nfl's mmss poten3 defense. >>you hit it on the head with thatt1, re!! ray lewis, and ed . it's probably the guys that are plaaing on that eam and the defense. all i can d is comm in there -nd try to learn from them and ú%y to bring what i bring to the table as wiit. it's going to ake me a better player. all of cars tha hat i have plld from seattle so dallaa and thouuand go to balttmorr. he think we're going do do great ú%ings. >> getting excited?ú so am i. that is mooning sports i'm bruce
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coming up in the 6:00 hhur, midterm eleccions are qqickly approaching. ú%clinton is using hhs populariy to help out on the campaagn trail.3 police have the evidence, just looking for more [ male announcer ] oh, how fios takes your hd higher.
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